Needle-less Clothing Hacks - Part Two

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As promised, we are back with more clothing hacks which doesn’t need any sewing. If you missed our previous post, you can find it here!

Let’s start:


3) Fancy T-shirt Pocket

Yes, many T-shirts with different designs on them doesn’t need any pockets, but if you have some simple T-shirts you may need a pocket - to give them a little freshness.

What You Need?

You’ll need a T-shirt, the fabric you want to use in the pocket, iron, fabric glue, scissors, printer, a piece of good-quality paper or cardboard and any design pattern you chose from the internet.

1st Step: Decision

Decide where you want to put the pocket. Also, iron your T-shirt and the pocket fabric to avoid any wrinkles.

2nd Step: Get The Print


Print the design pattern you selected for the pocket onto the high-quality piece of paper. If you want to print the design onto cardboard, then use a standard paper first and then transfer the design from the standard paper onto the cardboard.


3rd Step: Get The Fabric Into Shape


Now, place the printed paper or cardboard on the fabric, trace the pattern and then cut.

You need to leave space for folding, too. There can be two cases:

  • Maybe your design pattern is already designed in a way that there are extra lines for keeping the folding space. In that case, place the design pattern on the fabric and cut. Then, cut the extra lines of the design pattern.
  • If your design pattern doesn’t give any extra lines for folding space, then leave an extra inch during cutting the fabric.


4th Step: Placing The Design And Ironing


You need to place the high-quality paper or cardboard on the fabric, in a way that there is enough fabric to fold.

Now, pull-up every edge of the fabric one by one using the page or cardboard pattern and iron it flat. After ironing, remove the pattern guide.


5th Step: Glue The Edges


Apply the glue on the fabric edges you just ironed. After applying the glue, press the edges to get them hemmed.

Place a heavy book or any other thing with a flat base on the fabric and let it dry for 30 minutes. (You can take more time, just place the book and go out with your friends. Deal with it tomorrow!)


6th Step: Attach The Pocket To The Shirt

Now that the pocket fabric is dry (and you are back from the night out or maybe day out), it’s time to attach it to the shirt.

Many times when a glue is applied to a shirt, it seeps into the shirt. To avoid it, place a standard piece of paper inside the shirt. Now, apply the glue to the pocket edges and make sure that the glue is being distributed evenly.

After gluing, place the pocket in the shirt area where you decided to have a pocket. Now, press it and place a heavy book on it. Leave it for about 30 minutes.


It’s Done!


It’s ready for you to wear. Time for some fancy styles!


Not Just Pockets!

Wait a second! This tutorial is not just for attaching a fancy pocket to your shirt - you can also use this trick to attach any other alluring pattern to the sleeves or well... any other part of the shirt. Go mental!

That’s it! Keep coming back as we’ll give you more needle-less clothing hacks in the near future.

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