Tie Dye Bedding Cover For A Fresh, Revamped Look!

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Who likes the same old, tired bed linen? How about giving it a fresh makeover with a splash of colourful dyes! Let tie-dye make a comeback into your bedrooms for a stylish new look, with a simple DIY technique. At a fraction of the cost of tie dye bedding, you will achieve a similar stunning result. Simply grab your tools, some vibrant hues, an old bed sheet and get to work.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

• An old (100% cotton) bed sheet. Make sure that the sheet is 100% cotton, otherwise, it will not take the dye properly
• Fibre reactive procion dye
• A large tub, which will be used as the dye bath
• A plastic bucket for mixing purpose
• Measuring cups and mixing spoons
• Salt
• Soda ash
• Rubber bands
• Rubber or latex gloves for your hands
• A large wooden spoon for stirring purpose

Gather all the required stuff and you are good to go!


Preparation Of The Cloth To Be Dyed

The fabric can be dyed by using three different techniques


1. Rings
Take a pillow case and tie a rubber band tightly around a small bunch of the cloth. Smoothen rest of the fabric and tie another rubber band a little away from the first bunch. Make 4-5 similar bunches on the pillow case.
2. Folds
You may alternatively fold the pillowcase length wise. These folds must be done in a concertina style. Once the complete fabric has been folded length wise, make similar concertina folds along the width of the first folds and finally secure with a rubber band. 



3. Scrunched pattern 

In case you aim at dyeing the fabric randomly for a subtle texture and no fixed pattern, this is the best option for you. Randomly scrunch the bed sheet tightly and secure the fabric bunches with rubber bands. 



Mix All Ingredients To The Dye Bath

Take the bucket and pour two gallons of warm water into it. Follow-up by adding one cup of salt and 8-10 teaspoons of soda ash. Using the large wooden spoon, stir thoroughly, until the contents are fully dissolved in water. 


Preparing The Colour

Use one tablespoon dye colour with each cup of hot water. For a double bed sheet and two pillow cases, two cups water would be enough. First, make a paste of dye in small amount of hot water and then add more water to it, while stirring continuously. Mix properly to avoid any lumps. 


Preparing The Dye Bath

Pour dye bath mixture into the tub and add the dye colour mixture to it. Wear latex gloves and dip the fabric (tied with rubber bands) into the tub. Knead the fabric bundles to ensure proper soaking in the dye. Leave for 24 hours. Keep turning the fabric bundles during this time. This ensures that the fabric is evenly subjected to the dye. 


Give A Final Rinse

Dispose the dye in a sink after removing fabric. Open all the bundles and run the sheet under cold water. This will remove any excess dye. Next, wash with detergent.
Finally, make your bed with the lovely cover you’ve made. 



If you don't want to tie dye your bed, you can always tie dye an old shirt you have to test out your favourite colours! Have a fun tie dye time!

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