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Looks like a conventional way is not the way for you girls these days! We are a part of the world where looking presentable (rather amazing) is usually a necessity and we never have enough time for all the procedures. To add to our misery, is the fact, that we young people are always running out of money (sure you get the picture!). AND, the girls love their nails a bit too much. Yet, nail art is too expensive. Can’t pull down the price, but we can definitely help you get the same alluring result, really cheap!

Try out these nail art DIY to get fabulous nails, easy and without shelling out much money!


1) Make Scotch Tape Your Bestie!

Tape will take care of those straight lines and perfect patterns even without the expert hand!

Scotch tape can guide you while making zigzag or striped patterns on your nails with multiple colours. All you need to do is make sure the base colour is properly dried before you stick on the tape. 



2) Lovely Lace Patterns

Maybe diamond is not the only best friend to girls, lace also is. Take some old piece of lace, wrap it around your nail and apply nail paint over it with some makeup sponge. Ta-da! You have a sophisticated pattern for your nail, without much effort!

Another tip to go with this is applying petroleum jelly on the skin around your nails before you wrap the lace. This will prevent the nail paint from sticking to the skin around and you will get perfect nail art. 



3) For The Love of Hearts!

Pretty little hearts look adorable on nails. But is it really easy to always get the perfect one? Yes, it is!

You sure have some toothpicks at home. Pick one up. Dunk the tip in nail paint and make two dots of equal size along each other on your nail. Drag each down at 45 degrees until both meet and you get a perfect heart.



4) Brush Away for the Complicated Striped Nails

Got a fan brush in your makeup kit? Paint your nail in a base colour. Let it dry. Dip the brush in nail colour and make a striped pattern with a single stroke. Dry and follow with another colour. Add as many hues as you like, one over the other. 



5) Design With a Cotton Thread

Apply the base coat and put on a contrasting colour of cotton thread, in whorls and loops, when the nail colour is wet. Once dried, cut the extra thread from the edges of your nails. Add a few coloured polka dots here and there. Let it dry. Finally, apply a coat of clear nail paint. This innovative string nail art will surely increase your fan following! 



6) Abstract Nail Art

Simply add different colours of nail paints on top of water in a small vessel. Whirl around or create any desired pattern with a toothpick. Now dip your nail in the coloured nail paint pattern. Simple, not silly!

This, friends, is a must try for a sophisticated pattern on your canvas. Don’t forget to flaunt your marble nails! 



7) Easy Polka Dot Nails

Who would have thought that Band-Aids might have such a beautiful use! Paint the nail with a base colour and allow it to dry. Now, stick Band-Aid on the nail. These have little holes. Simply paint over it and when dried, peel off the Band-Aid. The perfect stencil for polka dot nails! 



Have lots of fun experimenting with these incredible diy nail art hacks! Now that you know all these different styles, take the time and create your own design. Show off your creativity and flash those nails!

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