Needle-less Clothing Hacks - Part One

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You love fashion and want to try new looks, but it seems frustrating to sew your clothes every time for a better or changing appearance. Not anymore!

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate sewing, because even if you love it, it consumes time. Keeping your time and convenience in mind, we are giving you some cool clothing hacks, which doesn’t need any needle work. Transform your wardrobe into a totally changed one - without sewing - by the hacks  below:

1) Cardigan

It happens sometimes, that the shirt you love gets smaller for you to wear (you are growing!). Still, if you want to wear your beloved shirt, we have a way to do it.

What You Need?

For this hack, you need the old shirt you like, scissors, tape, ruler, thread, button and an iron.

1st Step: Cut

It’s short for you, so obviously you need to work it out by cutting it. Use a ruler to get the center of your shirt and then cut the front center all the way through.



2nd Step: Hem

Now, you need to hem the cut edges. Follow the directions of the manufacturer of the fabric; hem it with hem tape and iron. 



3rd Step: Button The Button!

You need to use only one button for it, so use a big one to add style to it. Now, sew the button (Is it sewing? It is. But promise, sewing is just in that part) to any side of the shirt, where a button should have been. The button is just to give a more real look of a cardigan. 



4th Step: Wear It (Duh!)

Now, wear this ‘new’ cardigan with purposeful related or unrelated clothes. This will surely give you a reason to talk in front of your friends!


2) Yarn Scarf

You just need some basic material and two chairs to make a yarn infinity scarf, without sewing!

What You Need?

First of all, 5 to 7 oz. of yarn, then scissors, two chairs (or one, if you don’t want a loop around scarf), any old fabric, heat and bond, and an iron.

1st Step: Wrap, Wrap!

Set up the two chairs side by side. Now, wrap the yarn around the chairs and tie it. After tying, start the wrapping process. 



2nd Step: Knot

After wrapping, you need to knot the end of the yarn by taking the end of the last piece and tying it with the first piece you started with. 



3rd Step: Take It off The Chairs

As you have knotted the yarn, so now, take it off the chairs. You need to twist them for a number of times. Now, make a triangle of the yarn and then cut three pieces of yarn and join (tie it) them to the ends of the triangle. 



4th Step: Scrap Fabric

Now, its’ time to use that old fabric which was of no use in the past. The fabric must be 3 to 4 inches wide; the length can be determined by your choice. Cut three pieces of it and bond them with heat and bond to the yarn. 


Make sure to place the fabric in the area which has knots, so that it hides the knots and make it look neater!


5th Step: Time to rock that Scarf!

Now, you just need to wear the yarn with some cool looking shirt and voila!

Want more tips? Click here to learn how to make a DIY shirt pocket!

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