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Decorating Flower Vases – A skillful art that everybody needs to try


Flower vases come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, that too at pretty economical rates, but it’s not all the time that something cool catches your eye. What would be the best thing to do at such a stage? Well, instead of buying a new and expensive flower vase, we could try and be innovative with different instruments and perform a couple of tricks here and there to decorate the vase ourselves.

Learning an Art:
Apart from holding flowers, the design that a person stamps on the vase would complement the aura of the flower superbly. This would allow this household decoration to be the center of attention of many guests and onlookers, without even wasting extra cash on it. The cost for attraction, however, would be to fulfill the requirement of designing a few cool motives on the vase. Here are a few flower vase ideas!


Working on your Vase:

A very simple alteration that we can do to decorate flower vases is that we use different masking tapes, which would contain strips of different patterns and colors which we could combine or use individually as per our needs. Another very basic modification we can do to change the texture or color of the vase is to apply paint, preferably which will be water proof. We could use a brush to paint the vase slowly, or use the help of a paint spray to complete the work with minimum effort, yet maintaining the exquisite design. Different shapes such as arrows, polka dots and stars etc. could also be added.

DIY Flower vases2


Adding more to Décor:

Rope and glue can be used as another form of decoration. The rope could be made to cover the vase from top to bottom and the glue will help keep the rope connected and intact to give a natural feel to the vase. Instead of a rope, a doily is a tool that can be used to provide a different shade of texture to the vase. The resourcefulness of the doily shows how vital it can prove in decoration, with the help of glue. As painting and gluing stuff can prove to be a tedious task, a shortcut to apply a shade of a different color can be achieved by applying glitter, using Mod Pudge. The layer of glitter is applied inside the see through vase, and its showcases an appealing color from the outside.





Patterns Matter:

Ribbons and yarn are two very essential tools that can be used to decorate flower vases. Ribbons come in different patterns, multiple colors and various designs, and can be wrapped around the vase. It is preferred that a combination of ribbons that suit each other are used to give it a more light and delicate look. However, yarn can be found in the craft store, but probably in a limited range. The texture created on a vase by using either ribbons or yarn, is a sight one can’t miss out on. A bit messy way of decorating would be to use chalkboard paint. Amusing and entertaining text can be written on them, and they can be readily attached with the help of tape or glue. Lastly, no decoration of any flower vase would or should be completed without some physical adjustments. Online tutorials can be used to alter clay into whatever shape you need, to give the decoration of the flower vase a more personal touch.



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