DIY Crop Top from an Old Shirt

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Are you looking for an inexpensive way to spice up your wardrobe? You can create your very own knotted crop top, which is perfect for the summer months. You can with as little as a cheap tank top or plain shirt, a pair of scissors and some braiding skills. With this DIY tip you can stand out from the crowd whether it be a day out running errands or while you are dancing the night away in the club.



Step 1.

Get a tank or t-shirt that you don’t mind cutting up: Find a shirt that you want to change and don’t mind cutting up. You don’t necessarily have to purchase a new shirt for this. For example if you have a concert coming up and have an old band tshirt that you want to transform, this tip is perfect to take an old shirt from drab to fab. This style would be flattering on shirts with practically any neckline, but particularly cute on shirts that feature a halter, scalloped, or rounded neckline.

Step 2.

Mark where you want the waistline to begin: Mark a light pencil line on the shirt that falls about an inch or 2 under the bust. If you want a lower waistline on your shirt mark the line at whatever point you are comfortable exposing. This is so that you can clearly see where to stop cutting the shirt into strips, so you end up with an even length all the way around the shirt.

Step 3.

Cut the shirt into strips: Cut the shirt from the bottom hem up to the line into thin strips. Make sure that you have an even number of strips because you will be tying them together in order to make the unique knotted pattern. Also try to make the width of your strips as even as possible to maintain a uniform look. Try cutting the strips into inch strips and decide from that point whether you want smaller strips or not.

Step 4.

Start tying the strips into knots: Knot the strips into firm knots with the next closest strip all around the front and back sides of the shirt. Next take the two knotted strands and form them into a knot all around again. Continue knotting the strands of the shirt until you get the length that you want.

Step 5.

Either keep or cut the fringe: You can now either cut off the remaining fringe for a retail look or keep the fringe for a more bohemian look. Now you can look great by the pool, at a concert, on the beach, or in the club this summer in this knotted crop top.


This DIY crop top is incredibly easy and inexpensive to create, which makes it great if you are on a limited budget, but want to still keep up on the trends. All this project will cost you is the price of a shirt if you don’t already have one, which you can easily find a tank top to transform for less than $10. Take that plain old shirt and transform it into something amazing with this step-by-step DIY guide.

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