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Mason jars are wonderful additions to any space. Although they are incredibly simple, these glass jars are quite popular in the world of home décor. They add a rustic element to a room. Since mason jars can serve as great decorative elements, why not make a mason jar wall mount that adds style as well as storage space? You can install this wall mount in your office, craft room, living room, bedroom and even your bathroom. The choice is yours and this DIY project is super simple and inexpensive. Here’s how to make a decorative mason jar wall mount of your own.


  • 3 mason jars, choose whatever size you want
  • 3 hose clamps, buy a size that will fit just under the lid of your mason jars
  • Piece of wood, 24 by 7 inches or something similar in size
  • Wood stain or paint
  • Power drill
  • Screws
  • Picture hanging kit



  1. Stain or paint the wood. Choose a stain/paint color that matches the space you plan to hang the wall mount in.
  1. Determine how you want the mason jars spaced out and mark the spots.
  1. Use a drill bit to start pilot holes in the wood where you will screw on the hose clamps.
  1. Use the drill bit to make a hole in the hose clamp as well. May be a little difficult.
  1. Line up the hole in the wood with the hole in the hose clamp. Attach with a screw.


  1. Repeat until all 3 hose clamps are attached to the wood.
  1. Use the picture hanging kit to mount to the wall. Do this before adding the mason jars.
  1. Place the mason jars into the hose clamps. Make sure the fit is secure.
  1. Fill the mason jars with whatever you please.


This wall mount is the perfect addition to any room. The project does not take much time and you have a piece that can be used for both storage and decoration. You can add candles and/or flowers if installing this in the living room, use it to store q tips and wash cloths in the bathroom, fill it with craft supplies or even make a lovely herb garden. Another great idea would be painting the mason jars to give the piece a more personalized touch. Be creative and make it your own. That is what DIY projects are all about.

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