DIY Sandals for the Summer

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Do you have those old flip-flops with a flower missing, or a pair of super comfy sandals with worn-out straps lying about the house and are itching to turn them into something new? Are you the creative type who needs a bit of inspiration to liven things up? Or are you simply looking for an inexpensive but innovative way to revamp your shoe wardrobe? Do you also happen to swear by DIY stuff?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, then you've come to the right place! We're here to help you out with a free DIY guide to making and revamping your sandals with a fresh and inventive twist!

Making Sandals From Scratch: If you want to start right from scratch, you'll need a pair of old and used flip-flops for the base. Remove the straps and stitch a new sturdy foam sole and use the cloth of an old but trendy T-shirt to give it a makeover.

You can check out sample designs on the net, and use your own sense of creativity to improve upon it. Here’s a tip if you want to try out something really unique: Using an old sandal for reference, you can create a new sandal out of cork roll too. You'll need to use an electric drill to make the holes and be extra careful while doing this, but the results are guaranteed to be Stunning with a capital S.

Accessorizing Your Sandals:

Making brand-new sandals doesn't necessarily make them original unless you customize and style them to suit your personality. Here are some quick tips we sourced from the net to get you started.

  1. For a simple, no fuss approach to DIY Sandal-making, some well-chosen and well-knotted scrap fabrics can be used to cover up or even replace old and ugly straps.

  2. If you have more time to spare, some elegant embroidery thread wrapped around the straps instead of old fabric can work wonders too. And you can even match them with your nail polish if you're a true fashionista.sandals 2sandals 3

  3. If you want to show off a gypsy vibe, macramé knots in your favorite colors are bound to turn heads and make you look gorgeous. You can use old T-shirt yarn, and you don't need to be a pro at sewing either for this.sandals 4

  4. Do you have a little artist child in you waiting to show off your crafts? Head over to the nearest art supply store for some colorful jewels and simply glue them on!sandals 5

  5. Are you eco-friendly and is recycling an integral part of your daily lifestyle? Do you have spare ribbons, buttons, flowers and little trinkets scattered all over? Put them into good use, by accessorizing your sandals with them. Add a little bow for some extra girliness!sandals 6

  6. What if elegance is the style that describes you? Then a beautiful beaded pair of flip-flops might just be your thing. Whether it's your grandmother's pearls or seashells from a long-ago holiday or even friendship bracelets, beads can add immediate pizazz to any look.sandals 7

No matter what you choose to customize with, it will be original and one-of-a-kind! Show off your DIY sandals at the park, beach or bbq!

Feel free and experiment!
“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”




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