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tire ottoman

Summer is here and it is time to spruce up your home with soft earthy hues in lots of natural materials. Have you been looking for the perfect low ottoman or a table to go with your floor cushions for that summer day in or the breezy summer evening low lit, love filled gathering of friends and family?

You can make it!

You will need a used tire, 6mm MDF cut into two circles of 55 cm diameter, six screws, a screw drill (or a drill and a screwdriver), hot glue gun with at least 6 tubes of glue, 5kg long and 10mm thick natural sisal twisted cord, a cloth, scissors and concentrated brush sealer, I recommend the Sayerlack Seladora (900 ml) which is easy to apply and quick to dry and covers pores well.

tire ottoman 1


Before starting with the project, clean the tire with a dry cloth or rinse and allow it to dry completely. To clean the rope if required, you may wash them in sudsy water, using a scrub brush and rinse well and let it dry in the Sun.



1. Place one MDF on it and drill three holes on the edge in three distant points, deep enough to penetrate the rubber. Put the screws through and then flip to the other side and repeat.
2. Screw the MDF to your tire tightly enough so that it won’t come off. Do the same in each hole and repeat these steps on the other side.


tire ottoman 2



3. Ensure your sisal twisted cord/ rope is untangled and comes freely as you pull. And put a drop of glue right at the centre.tire ottoman 3



4. Start gluing at the center of the circle in order to obtain a perfect finish. Apply the glue on the board and secure one end of sisal. Press the tip to stick well and go round. Put enough glue before each round and make it stick hard and tight to both the surface and the next rope line.tire ottoman 4



5. After you have finished covering MDF with a rope, do the same with the edge of your tire. The end of the sisal from the board must meet the beginning of the one on the edgetire ottoman 5



6. Turn the tire upside down and continue covering it with a rope until you reach the edge of the board.
tire ottoman 7



7. After covering all the rubber, cut the rope. This end of the rope should not stick out. Just stick it. You may not cover the MDF base.tire ottoman 8


8. Apply the sealer to the brush and cover all sisal surface. Repeat coat after an hour. The complete drying will take two weeks.tire ottoman 8


Your Tire Ottoman is Ready. Congratulations!

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