DIY Earring Holder

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DIY Earring Holder

This is a simple, creative and inexpensive way to make your own earring holders. Not only will you be organized, but you'll turn your jewelry into artwork! This can also hold your brooches, pins, etc. and looks even better when you make multiple for hanging on the wall. I know us girls can tend to collect tons of jewelry, and with this project the more is definitely the merrier!

Embroidery Hoop
Lace  Fabric (crochet, or normal is fine)
Hot Glue Gun/Hot Glue Sticks

How to:

Lay the smaller, inner hoop down on the table and sandwich your lace fabric between it and the bigger hoop. Loosen the bigger hoop so it goes onto the smaller hoop, but not to loose that it doesn't pull the fabric

DIY Earring Holder2


Tighten the screw on the bigger hoop a tiny bit and pull the fabric from all sides making it tight. Cut the fabric about 1/2 inch around the hoops.

DIY earring holder 3


Starting at one side, pull the fabric around to the back and cut/glue as you go. Make sure that the excess fabric isn't so long that it reaches the front of the hoop. It's best to work in small sections of 1-2 inches at a time. Do this until you have done half of the hoop.

DIY earring holder 4


When the glue is dry on the first half, pull the remaining excess fabric on the opposite side. You want to make the fabric as tight as possible. Tighten the screw.

DIY Earring Holder 5


Finish cutting excess fabric to right amount and glue to the back.

DIY Earring Holder 6


You're done! Now you got yourself a beautiful DIY earring holder!

DIy earring holder 7

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