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Recently, South Korea has been making a name for itself in the beauty industry fascinating the world with many high quality beauty products. The products have become so popular that beauty products are now one of South Korea’s major exports. From makeup that is designed to stay on all day to skin products designed to give you a natural, dewy glow, Korean beauty products are starting to dominate the market. In addition to the great quality of these Korean beauty products, they are available at really affordable rates, allowing virtually anyone to try them.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Korean beauty products available, here is a short list of products that you have to try.


The Water Sleeping Mask

koreanbeauty3This mask is designed to help restore and rejuvenate your skin. Unlike most masks which you apply and then rinse off, this mask stays on your skin and works gently while you sleep to moisturize and repair your damaged skin. This mask is great to give you better looking skin quickly, since it works within a day. The convenience of this product means that you can go longer without micropeel masks from the spa.You can find this product for approximately $25 online.


Sherbert or Sorbet Cleanser

koreanbeauty4After a long day, this best selling Korean product does all of the hard work, stripping off makeup, dirt, and dead skin. This cleanser is very gentle and works to cleanse your face, leaving a blank slate for you to work with as you continue your general skin care routine. This cleanser is good for all skin types and you can find it online for around $15.


Fine Tip Eyeliner

koreanbeauty5This eyeliner is the liquid liner that we have been wishing for. It is waterproof, dries fast, and allows you to easily draw lines. The eyeliner doesn’t smudge like most so you can be confident that you won’t end up with a large black smudge across your face during some point throughout the day. The tip of the liner feels much like a felt tip pen allowing it to bend and glide along with your hand as you put it on, easily giving you the perfect line!


BBcream Cushion Compact

koreanbeauty6This is an innovative little product with a BB cream soaked sponge with tinted makeup nestled inside of a compact. You take the other sponge included in the compact and take a small amount to lightly apply over your skin, giving your skin a healthy and youthful glow.


Korean Face Mask Sheets

koreanbeauty7The Korean beauty market has made getting a facial at home easier than ever with these facial mask sheets. Made from mostly natural ingredients they come in quite a variety. There are ingredients as unique as snail, a beauty secret that Korean women have been using for years, along with less exotic ones such as green tea. These face mask sheets are intended to tackle a variety of issues as well from blemishes to drooping skin. You can find many different variety packs of these sheets from online dealers.


The Korean beauty trend appears as if it may be here to stay. Since the Korean market is demanding more natural based makeup, this can benefit all women as we transition from using chemicals to using natural products. This opens up more options for women that suffer from sensitive skin. These Korean beauty products are taking makeup and face care to an entirely different level and with more research being conducted, South Korea is bringing the beauty world into the 21st century.

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