Interior Designs - What Your Furniture Says About You

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Yes, your personal choice reflects your personality, and your furniture is no exception! Sounds a little odd, but it’s true. There are tons of interior designs out there, but not one is exact - just how not one person is the same. Whenever you walk into someone’s home, you get an immediate impression of the type of person they are – it could range from traditional, classy, graceful, modernistic, etc. The choices and tastes of the individual shape the way they act, and thus, it shows in how they present their homes.

What does your décor and furniture tell about you? Are you a romantic, the minimalist, futuristic, a fond traveller or a traditionalist? Whatever personality that is portrayed is contributed by our social activities,  lifestyle, behaviour and the sort of environment we have created in the place we reside. Even the basic furniture holds varied traits!

Let’s see how furniture reflects an individual’s persona!


Interior Designs - What Your Home Décor Style Says About You!


The Die Hard Romantic!

Do warm, dark tones and lush antiques define your home? Does your furniture give the feeling that you are nestled in a sweet, romantic book? Do you have accents like lace, vintage pieces and textures adding to the depth of the feelings in your house?

It seems like you're a romantic one! Individuals who are romantic have a tendency to embrace ambience and charm in their room décor, ranging from tufted ottomans to beautiful personal pictures to sweet scented candles. Their preference are jewelled tones and soft furniture pieces radiating a warm welcome and cozy abode.

Eco Or Traveller Personality

If a home is decorated by a traveller, it will have an eclectic furniture choice. It might appear a little mismatched and out of place, but that is exactly how they like it!

In these home styles, refurbished second hand items or even those that may have been reclaimed are a common sight. It is a way of using the home to show off the love for nature and travels. Such people often enjoy natural colours and earth textures, so their homes may adorn the same. These could include wood furniture or plants displayed around the home, giving off a softer and more relaxing atmosphere.


Is lesser the better? Then you may have a home of a person with a minimalistic personality. Such trendsetters enjoy and appreciate the serenity radiated from an organized home. They prefer simple, yet functional homes.

However, they do add bold fabrics to set apart from the crowd. They may not use fancy nick-knacks. Instead, they may exhibit decorations that are eye catching and sleek!


Do you enjoy clean lines with no tolerance for clutter? Such people are functional as well as practical - well, tech savvy. They have a habit of choosing colours like black, chrome or white. There will be displays of modern elements and even classical, opulent styles of royalty, which shows their cutting edge design!


Keep in mind that you can't rely solely on furniture to determine someone else's personality, but it does give a hint! Experiment with different interior designs! Change up your home to suit it to the style that makes you comfortable.

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