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Why not clear the indoor air of your homes too? According to studies, the quality of air indoors can be significantly polluted compared to the air outside. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Won’t you agree that it is high time to bring the gardens inside? Get those often talked about, environment friendly ‘green homes’, literally. Fill your abode with lots of life and happy greenery. When you are inside, these plants will relax you, nurture your soul and bring you peace within.

Bromeliads, Orchids, Zanzibar Gems, Peace Lilies and many more! Get the plants inside which can be easily managed. Let’s bring plants indoors. And not just the little African violets that can be tucked into tiny pots on the windowsills, but the bigger and bolder green friends which will make a lovely impact!

Below is a list of the best house plants to have in your house:

Living Rooms


How about adding texture and height to the room and at the same time, removing VOCs! Grow the Chlorophytum comosum (Spider plant) in your living rooms. These are tough-to-kill indoor plants and provide excellent foliage as well as lovely white blossoms. The spider plants have only one requirement, which is good light. They only need to be watered occasionally, as excess water leads to rotting of their roots.




Spiders for your living rooms and snakes for the bath! Yes, not kidding! Bathrooms have low light conditions with high humidity levels. These are perfect for the growth of Snake Plants. These are known to clear formaldehyde from the air, which is a chemical present in personal care products, cleaning products and toilet papers. Tuck it neatly in a corner or on top of a low shelf. The stiff, upright plant growing to 3-4 feet height would look stunning there!


Entryway or Foyer


Scindapsus aures (Golden pothos plant) has the magical properties of clearing the air of formaldehyde. After all, the glimpse of a happy, dependable plant, guiding your entryway simply makes the experience a joyful one.




Lucky to have a kitchen window, which allows in plenty of bright sunlight!? Well, you have a colourful choice of varied flowering plants. Gerber daisies won’t ever be happier to watch you cook delicious food. Also, you may tap the advantage of sunlight. Take some pretty pots and plant in herbs for a fresh supply whenever you need them!


Dining Room


There are many pollutants released into the air by oils and varnishes. Well, some good news! Warneck Draceaena combats these pollutants effectively and eliminates them. What makes it a great piece of conversation are the variegated leaves and its dramatic height potential. The blade-like leaves provide a colourful and eye-catching beauty.


Care For Your Plants!

Houseplants, grown indoors, require decent looking after. Their growth and pot size needs regular check and attention. It must also be noted that watering them either with distilled water or rainwater is a better option, as the fluoridated or chlorinated tap water may lead to the browning of leaf tips. Looks like there can’t be a better reason to install a rainwater harvesting system and collect some water when the clouds shower!

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