Unleash Creativity With DIY Wall Decor!

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Are your walls too boring, or maybe you’re too creative to leave them bare! Just painting the walls in chic and vibrant hues is not enough for creative heads. Now is the perfect time for some DIY décor ideas.

To be honest, there are thousands of ideas for wall décor. And surely you are creative enough to invent your own ideas too. But then, some help won’t do harm. Be it monochromes or colour play, metallic or neon that please you… There is something for everyone. Below are a few DIY wall décor ideas:


  1. Some Colour Block For Your Walls, In 3D!

Looks like colour block wall art does not have to stay stuck to squares! Cut cardboard circles in various sizes and simply paint them in vibrant colours. Next, stick these circles one over the other, not completely covering the previous circle. This will create a 3 dimensional structure. Finally, attach this to the wall either by sticking or hanging with a strong thread. Now it’s 3D, right? 



  1. Paint A “Hi” For The Entry!

Got some dish cleaning sponge in your kitchen? Take a cardboard (size as much as a medium sized wall painting) and paint it white (or the colour similar to your wall). Dip the sponge in black paint and paint neat ‘Hi’ or anything else on the board. You may, alternatively, do this directly on the wall. It looks stunning and will greet all your visitors once they walk through the door!



  1. Back To School!

Hang some clipboards on the wall you wish to decorate. Now create stenciled letters on A4 sized sheets. Clip these letters to the boards on the wall. Whenever you have guests at home, you may have some fun asking them to rearrange the letters on the clipboards to create nice or funny messages. It can also be a great activity for kids!



  1. How about a Rosette Backdrop?

Take kite paper in bright colours and make paper rosettes. Create this perfect art installation for any room in your house and enjoy the happiness these vibrant colours spread into your place. You will love how cheerful the atmosphere will instantly become!



  1. Modern Wall Art For Your Living Rooms!

Create any bold pattern in varied colour schemes with taped art. Paint the canvas and then stick white or silver tape to it. You may create a similar pattern or anything else you may like. Do a 3D image, or a really abstract design. The options are endless!



  1. ‘Quote’ The Canvas!

Take a clear canvas and some glossy, colourful magazines. Now cut out letters from the magazine and stick them on one side of the canvas to write a quote on it. Now hang the canvas on a wall of your choice. Good words never let you down!



  1. A Fabric Panel For Your Walls!

Got some old fabric which is no longer useful? Sure, there must be some scraps in different colours and patterns hidden in some corner you never visit! Recycle them by covering canvases in fabrics of pretty patterns for a quick makeover for your walls. 



Leave it up to your imagination and create whatever you want, however you like it! Either way, it's an expression of you so don't be afraid to show that off :)

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