5 Creative Ways for Fall Home Décor

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We recently posted an article for Fall decorations, but seeing as there are so many more ideas out there, here is part 2! Fall is a fun time and all of the bright colors makes it an eye catching season to decorate. Now that Halloween is over, you can decorate for Fall as you wait for the Christmas season. Fall gives you some creative ways to transform your home with lots of themed decorations. Incorporating the natural colors of Fall and the celebration of Thanksgiving can make your home look festive-ready for this season!

Here are some creative ideas for Fall home decor!


  • Create a Fall themed Wreath:

    Wreaths are not just for the Christmas season. You can make a Fall themed wreath using fake leaves, fake cranberries, mini pumpkins, bright ribbon, and burlap. You can also use large fake sunburst flowers such as sunflowers, mums, daisies, and black-eyed susans. This Fall wreath will create a welcoming and festive Autumn atmosphere.falldeco2


  • Make Leaf Accented Curtains:

    Grab some inexpensive neutral colored curtains and some bright craft paint in purple, red, yellow, and orange hues. Get some full, flat leaves from your yard. Ideally you should gather some right off of the tree branch as this will provide you with the flexible quality that you will need for this project. Once you have all of your supplies, take the craft paint and put each color onto a styrofoam plate. Clear a space to lay your curtain onto a flat surface. Grab a small paintbrush and paint one side of a leaf with it and then press the painted leaf onto the curtains, creating bright realistic leaf prints. Repeat as desired and allow to dry. Now you can hang up these curtains and enjoy beautiful, bright curtains.falldeco3



  • Burlap Tablescape:

    If you like the rustic theme you can use a burlap themed tablescape. For instance you can use a burlap table runner and chair covers. This rustic theme is a great fit for Fall with the addition of small pumpkins, bright candles, or fake leaves scattered across the table.falldeco4



  • Decorate your Porch:

    The porch is an often neglected decorating opportunity, but it shouldn’t be. It is the first thing that your guests will see and what passersby will be able to see from the street. Celebrate the harvest aspect of fall with hay bales, pumpkins and assorted gourds on your porch. You can use some outdoor lights to light up your Fall display during the night.falldeco5


  • Use Natural looking Decorations:

    Right now, rustic and natural looking decorations are all the rage. Use some bark covered vases or candle holders as decorations around your home. You can fill the vases with in-season flowers like mums, sunflowers, and daisies and accent with some colorful fake leaves or flowers. This bold decor statement will give your home a fun, festive feel.falldeco6



Decorating for Fall can be a fun activity that you can do with the entire family. Getting your home decorated for the season will give your home a cheery atmosphere for Thanksgiving. It would also be a great opportunity for the family to do some arts and crafts together. Give your home a the Fall makeover it needs and impress your guests!

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