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Fiery reds, those moody blues and the mellow yellows! Did you know that wall paint colours indicates your type of personality? Long ago, the mystery of colours influencing mood and reflecting an individual’s personality was revealed. Let’s see what your wall colours say about your persona. After all, the choice of colours is personal and all of us see hues differently! It is about what you feel and not simply what you see.


Burnt Orange

Ah! It is the warm, tangy orange red that pulls you like gravity! It says that your character radiates enthusiasm, energy and vitality. If you sport such warm tones in your place; you must be a friendly and an exceptionally nurturing person. Looks like you enjoy having people around! Probably, you are a social butterfly and avoid staying stuck indoors, alone. Yet, you love the warm welcome, which your home gives you with vibrant hues.

You may be a little indecisive and fickle, but try to be agreeable on the whole. Orange is basically the colour of curiosity and fearlessness!



Outgoing, creative, bold and confident?! If it is the violet vixen or maybe the sweet lavender that appeals to you, you ought to be more adventurous and unconventional. Purple brings glamour to a room and creates coziness and intimacy.

Witty individuals and sensitive people with a strong yearning to be different and unique from the rest, probably have some purple on their walls. 



A compassionate, soft and soothing demeanour is reflected by blue hues. It is the colour which reflects security, tranquillity and calm. If the shades of blue draw you towards them, you are an individual who views his/ her abode as an oasis of the calm in this hectic world we call our planet. You may be a slight introvert who likes to stay indoors, within the cool aura of your blue walls.

Certain shades of the colour may also impart the air of self - confidence. Such people enjoy being admired for their wisdom as well as steady character.



You seem to be a down-to-earth and practical person. Lighter shades of the colour reflect towards harmony and they symbolize renewal. If that is your thing, it must not be surprising, that you actively try to preserve a perfectly peaceful balance between home and your life outside. You thrive to help others and are a go-to advisor for your friends.

If it’s been a busy day, the lovers of green would prefer to have their abode as a peaceful setting for calm activities, like reading, yoga or listening to soft music.



Ready to take on the world with your fiery spirit, you are warm and passionate as an individual. Conventionally, red connotes strong drive and power. Reds are generally chosen by individuals who simply stated, ‘like to be’! - People who are aggressive, outgoing, impulsive and vigorous.

Red people generally embrace change with their ruby hues, smiling faces and wide open arms, because they cannot stand monotony. Got a zest for life? Well, your red walls show that already!



Having a wall coloured may mean more than you think! Each colour represents a small part of yourself and walking into a room with the colour of choice reflects that! These were the most prominent colours and, well, the best ones too. So, next time you see a green wall, you’ll be thinking more than the other person would expect!

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