Low on Space? Here are 7 Small Bedroom Designs

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So you are here with a small room and you have to tuck-in all the things you want in your bedroom, without wanting a bit more ground. Quite tough, right? Regardless of how much you love close spaces, you need to cope with this situation. But how? Well, as long as you know, a bed and a dressing-table are the things which make the room, a bedroom. But guess what? These two are also the most irritating furniture because they lack flexibility.

But don’t worry, you can reclaim your bedroom space by following the below tips and methods:


1) Shelves On The Walls lowspacebedroom3

Freeing-up the ground space is your priority. So, why not put shelves on your wall? That way, you can free-up your bedroom from tables and any junk (if I dare!) on it. But still, you can place your favorite stuff on the shelves for display!


2) Night stand Mounted On The Walllowspacebedroom4

You need space, so don’t mind a little renovation around your bed too. This time your nightstand is going to be attached to a wall. You will get a space to place your bed underneath it or beside it and place extra things like shoes, magazines and books underneath it.

If your bed is side by side with your window, then you can use the space on the window as your nightstand too.


3) End To End Bedslowspacebedroom5

You can place the beds as end to end and place some fancy pillows on them. Now, you have nice looking sofas to sit on for daytime use. At night, you can just remove the pillows and have a good night’s sleep.

Woke-up? Just make the bed and then place the pillows; you now have your sofas!


4) Up-In-The-Air Bedlowspacebedroom6

While we are talking about extreme possibilities, let’s talk about hanging a few beds for saving space! That’s not a joke, by the way. If you want it, you can get it.

You can fit three beds in a space which can barely withstand two. For this, two beds are hanged on the wall by drilling the wood of the bed into the wall. So, two beds hang on the wall and one bed is at rest on the ground. Voila!

You can now call your friends to sleepover for the night!


5) For Attic Roomslowspacebedroom7

The thing about attic rooms - besides their beautiful look - is that the leaned wall doesn’t let you place anything without looking awkward. Try placing your bed where your wall is - now you have room for all your other furniture!

Why is this a good idea? Because the bed is of less height, and you don’t need to stand on your bed! (Unless you are a child!).


6) Underbed Storagelowspacebedroom8

If you don’t want to follow the hanging shelves idea or maybe you have a lot stuff like clothes, sheets, shoes and what not, to keep in your bedroom - then go with underbed storage.

It makes your bedroom look neat, because all the stuff is under your bed, hidden!


7) Work And Sleep At One Placelowspacebedroom9

You can pull this off, if your bedroom is also your study. You need to set up a small space - the size of a bed - for your office. Place your table, chair and the things you need. Now you have to fit a bed above that office of yours. It’s a little tough but you can still do it, get a couple friends to ease the work.

Your bedroom is an area of space that you want to be most comfortable. If you have limited space, then trying these small bedroom designs might work! Incorporate your own colours and patterns to make your room pop. Having a small bedroom isn't all too bad, especially if you're naturally a messy person (less to clean up!).

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