Draping The Right Way – Complete Guide For Curtain Ideas

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With a wide variety of curtain designs, fabric and colours available in the market, the choice factor comes in, which we love! Yet, this also presents a great difficulty in selecting the best suitable curtains. A perfect choice can easily lift up the appeal of any room. It will enhance the overall theme dramatically. Somehow, it is not just about the colours and patterns. Fabric, length, styling and heading need some consideration too.


Choosing Fabric, Colour and Pattern

You need to take into account, the mood of the room before deciding on the colours and patterns of the curtains. Decide what will suit most, formal or casual, minimalist or retro, classic and elegant or something casually cosy. Also, you need to resolve whether you would like the curtains to blend with the wall paint and furniture or have a colour pop effect. 


  1. Solid Curtains - These are one of the safest options and also provide considerable room for future modifications. Bright hues are best for colour pop; while for a blended décor, you may consider curtains of a shade or two darker than wall colour for a harmonious and soft look.
  2. Patterned Curtains - Better avoid these in rooms with patterned or floral wallpaper, furniture or even bedding. Yet, if solids dominate in the surroundings, you might as well opt for the boldest patters (you won’t regret it!). To maintain the subtle surroundings, you can choose neutral prints like small floral or polka dots; arabesques and medallions are for the contemporary hint, while stripes and geometric shapes give the modern feel.
  3. Sheer Curtains - Keep up the spirit of light, airy rooms alive, while maintaining privacy. These also give the ultra-modern touch to the entire look of the room.
  4. Blackout curtains - These blocks light and even shield against outside weather conditions. They are best for royal touch and opulence, when silk or satin becomes your fabric of choice.


Alternative Curtain Forms

Ah! Not a fan of the traditional floor length drapes? Well, there’s a lot in store for you too!


  1. Valance - This is a short form of the curtain to cover mostly the top part of the window. Generally it is installed in kitchens, to let in plenty of light. Hung alone, it is one of the easiest methods to add to a romantic country feel.
  2. Swags - Bring in some elegance! These are a comparatively heavily draped, more decorative form of the valances.
  3. Scarves - Window scarves are single, long, yet lightweight fabrics. These are loosely wrapped around a decorative rod and the length is draped along the outer edges of the windows. These wonderfully add softness to the room. For an opulent look, you may create a puddle on the floor.



The top part of the curtain, which is attached to the rod is known as a heading. It can be stitched in varied styles. 


  1. Rod Pocket - The top part is sewn such that the rod may be passed through it. It is best for a casual, gathered look.
  2. Pleats - A neat and elegant look is best for formal rooms as these are more structured and equal than any other form of curtain heading.
  3. Tab Top - If you want to go for something modern and relaxed, go for tab top heading. These contain flat loops along the top edge of the drape and the rod is inserted through these.
  4. Eyelets - These refer to metal rings which are inserted along the curtain top, at regular intervals and the curtain rod is passed through these rings.

Surely, there is a lot to experiment with these curtain ideas. Let your imagination and desires run wild. Add that extra touch to your windows for a style most comfortable to you!

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