Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas

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October is well under way, and we've been drinking all of the pumpkin spice lattes to prove it! And of course, the best part of the month is still to come, Halloween. Whether you have little ones at home or not, Halloween brings out the kid in all of us. It's time to play make believe, and enjoy a little sweet treat (or trick?). So if you're interested in getting your home in the spirit of Halloween too, then check out these frightful Halloween decorating ideas and tips!

Before you begin planning your decorations, consider your personal decorating style. Are you the type or woman who loves organization and simplicity? Then you may be happiest sticking with one Halloween theme for your home. Some of our favorite classics are Mummy's Tomb, Dracula's Dungeon, Haunted Graveyard and Mad Scientist's Lab. If on the other hand, you appreciate spontaneity and variety, then go ahead and mix things up for a hodge-podge of spooky artifacts!

Once you've chosen your Halloween theme or themes, it's time to get brainstorming on decorating ideas. Consider your personal requirements such as the amount of money you are willing to spend, and how much time you have to decorate (and clean up once November rolls around)! Why not try out these fun and fast decorations for the classic themes listed above.


Mummy's Tomb:

Decorate the front door of your home into a sarcophagus, and wrap up any baby-sized dolls your little ones own in toilet paper to create mini-mummies to fill your "tomb". If you want it to be a little more kid-friendly, wrap your front door in gauze and add big googly eyes!



Dracula's Dungeon:

Pick up as many used candelabras as you can find and spray paint them black. Wrap the bottoms in fake cobweb, hang up some bats, and your living room will look like an ancient crypt. Candelabras are also a nice addition to a dining table. Include some mini pumpkins and some orange and black tones to give it that extra festivity.



Haunted Graveyard:

Purchase a fake skeleton (or paper mache your own bones) and assemble it curled up in a wheelbarrow. Arrange leaves around the bones so they peek through, and hang mini pillow-case ghosts from the trees. If you have a huge yard space in the front, use your imagination and create the spookiest graveyard for your incoming guests and treaters!



Mad Scientist Lab:

Pick up discount glass jars with lids, and fill them half way with water. Use food coloring to dye them vibrant shades, and add fake eyeballs, fingers, plastic animals or whatever you can think of as experiments gone awry! With all the glowing colours, kids will love to create this Halloween theme with you.



Lastly, remember that Halloween is a fun night meant to be shared with others. Bring your kids on board for the DIY crafts, invite your girlfriends over for a decorating night, or simply watch and enjoy how the kids in your neighborhood light up with excitement because of your spooky decorations. Happy haunting!

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