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New Budget Home Decor

If you want to give your home a new look now that we're in spring, there are ingenious ways of doing it without breaking the bank. Here are some home decorating ideas you can do on your own without consulting an interior designer:

Give your sofa a new look with slipcovers: If your sofa has a worn out look, give it a fresh new look by adding slipcovers. Have a fitted cover if you like, or a loose throw cover. This is also an economical way or restoring your furniture rather than reupholstering it.

Add color to your room with throw cushions: Throw cushions aren't expensive, so you can invest in a couple of them. They can contrast the colors of the wall and bring about some unusual drama. If you have a dark room, use light pillows.

Brighten up your room with a mirror: If you have a small room or even a dark one, it helps to have a mirror as it brightens it up immensely and gives an illusion of space. Your bedroom or bathroom would be good to have a mirror.

Bring in the outdoors: If you bring in a bunch of flowers from your garden or from the florist, it will make a huge difference to your room.

Give your old lamp shade a new look: To make your room look new, change your lamp shade or add an elegant one. Choose a vibrant color that contrasts with the color of your walls. Alternatively, if it's mood lighting you want, go for something understated yet stylish.

Hang a pretty picture on your wall: If you have a large room, obviously you can hang up a large picture too. Choose a multi-colored picture that can serve as the one focal point of your entire room. Don't restrict yourself to landscapes or portraits and canvases, art is acceptable in a variety of materials, so be easy on that but just look for something eye-catching.

Where's your pretty linen? If you've got an array of pretty linen, why don't you lay it all out in your dining room? You can set it down as placemats, or a runner on a sideboard or a tablecloth. Smaller pieces of linen look very attractive when placed on a coffee table or dresser.

Set the mood with candles: The wonderful aromatic candles you get today can't be ignored. Bring home a few and display either one in an elegant holder or group them together for extra ambience in your living room or bedroom.

These are some  ideas of giving your home a makeover. Would you like to try them?

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