Egg And Tomato Baps For A Dairy-Free Breakfast To The Day

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How about a dairy-free breakfast or brunch? Don’t worry. It won’t be too heavy on your pockets either. Simply get some whole wheat bread, fill in with juicy ripe tomatoes and a delicious herby omelette and.. Well ENJOY!

Of course it’s not that easy but not too difficult either. Tie up your aprons and get to work. Sure you know that yummilicious food like this doesn’t walk up to you without putting in some effort! But does this recipe make you work too hard? Not these! You simply need to collect a handful of ingredients and cook for some 5 minutes and you’re all set to munch to good health!

These egg and tomato baps are juicy and can hence be consumed without liquid (like milk). It does not make the throat feel dry and also has high nutritional value. It has fibres which enhance digestion. It is on the whole, a filling, nutritional and yet, cheap breakfast option.


  Tomatoes cut into half - 2

  Olive oil - 2 table spoons

  Eggs - 4

  Parsley - chopped

  Finely chopped garlic clove - 1

  Whole wheat baps (or bread rolls) - 2

Nutrition Gained Per Serving (Let’s Talk Some Health!)

  Kilo calories - 323

  Proteins - 19 grams

  Carbohydrates - 24 grams

  Fats - 16 grams

  Saturates - 4 grams

  Fiber - 4 grams

  Sugar - 4 grams

  Salt - 1 gram


Cooking Procedure (Let us Roll up Our Sleeves And Finally Get To Work!)

  Take a non-stick frying pan and put it on low heat.

  Next, take the tomatoes which have been cut into halves. Brush olive oil on the cut side of the tomatoes. Now, place these halved tomatoes with the cut side down on the non-stick frying pan. Allow to cook on low heat.

  While the tomatoes are cooking, take a small bowl, add the eggs, seasoning as well as chopped parsley and beat well.

  Turn tomatoes onto the other side for a brief moment for heating, then take these off the pan and set the cooked tomatoes aside.

  Wipe the pan with a tissue. Now, add some olive oil to the pan, followed by the addition of chopped garlic. Cook the garlic on medium heat until it becomes tender. Keep stirring all the time to prevent sticking of garlic.

  Once the garlic is cooked and has softened, add the beaten egg mixture and cook. Keep stirring occasionally over the heat, to make an omelette. Once the lower side is cooked, flip over the omelette to cook the other side. Keep on the heat for a few seconds. Keep the cooked omelette on a plate.

  Cut the whole wheat baps into halves. Now, heat a little in the pan, without oil.

  Next, squash the cooked tomato halves on the baps.

  Cut the omelette into four parts. Put two quarter pieces of the herb omelette on the inside of each bap.


It’s Ready! Enjoy your Breakfast - Free of Milk Products!


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