Winter Gardening - A Guide to a Successful Garden

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winter gardening

Do you still think that gardening is only a summer project? It is very much possible to start up gardening projects and continue with them during winter. Imagine making your garden look and yield the same during those chilly months too! Even when the cold winter strikes, there is a very dominant chance to grow and get the same results for the next season. Not only does effective winter gardening affect the life of the plants, but also the life of gardeners!

Let us stop this interruption of nature in your passion and prove your gardening skills by getting the best winter growth. By following the tips below, you’ll know what to do when winter strikes:

Why Is Winter Gardening So Difficult?

  1. During the winter, frost cover the soil and can hamper the growth of crops. It can lead to blockage of the soil and hence, block the plant's intake of nutrients and water.
  2. Every plant has its own saturation level, up to which it can bear the fall in temperature. However, in areas such as the northern hemisphere, this saturation level is often exceeded during winter.
  3. Plants need sun for preparation of their food by photosynthesis. The winter months lack the sunshine compared to the abundance of sunlight in the summer.
  4. The melting of frozen frost can damage the internal cells of plants, breaking the layer of plant insulation.
  5. Rainfall during winter can lead to waterlogging and can adversely affect both the plants and soil.
  6. Strong wind and western winds can break up the plants and even scrap them off their foundation.

Tips To Grow Healthy Plants During Winter!

Surely you’d appreciate some help in this matter! :)

  1. The very first and initial step to plan for a winter gardening project is to explore out your zone of plantation and depth of the frost line.
  2. Block the growth of weeds, so plants don’t have to share their nutrients. This is important as the soil is already deprived of nutrients because of the colder temperatures.
  3. Protect your plants with boundaries using a fence, straws, mulches of leaves, etc. This is a great way to save them from the winds!
  4. Building tunnels can allow winter plants to grow easily.
  5. Selection of plants is the most important factor. Choose plants which can give higher productivity during the season.
  6. Use of organic nutrients and natural products like cow dung, and herbicides can catalyse the growth of plants faster.
  7. Fabric cover can also be a good option to protect your trees and shrubs. Do not allow the cold to reach them and cause harm.

That’s it! For successful planting in the winter, the above tips should aid in your green thumb. You need a clear mind and a well prepared plan to hit the agenda for a good and happy winter garden.

Lastly, confusion is good, it helps to understand things more clearly! If you are in any doubt, always explore and ask for advice at the nearest crop and gardening centre!

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