The Makings Of A Sustainable Garden

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Many of us carry out gardening as a hobby to fill up our leisure time with preferred healthy activity. Nature is full of shades, colors, pleasure and health, therefore, we want to beautify and adorn it. Therefore, we take refuge in its shelter in the form of a beautiful garden. But the question that always hinders a gardener is that how to sustain and maintain a garden for an indefinite period. Today’s life of modern man has become electric and hasty so everyone wants to save time. Let us explore what is the parable behind the sustainability of any garden.

Here are some general tips to sustain a garden without harming the environment.

  1. Go Organic All The Way!

Organic methods should be preferred for the reason that they are free from chemicals and surely give way to sustainable lifestyle as well. It is all about supporting the natural ecosystem around us. Nature is the best physician! Consumption of as many natural products as you can for the growth of plants must be preferred. This also protects them from insect invasions.

  • Neem Tree: Abstract neem oil from the neem tree as it helps to chase away wildlife from plants.
  • Garlic: Garlic is very helpful to dispel insects, but make garlic oil and use that oil in diluted form for plants.
  • Save Urine: Yes, it sounds gross! But nothing can grow plants as rapidly as urine.
  • Use animal waste: animal waste and urine in diluted form is the best fertilizer.

  1. Go On The Seed Hunt!

Always go for organic seeds. You can grow your own seeds from veggies, fruits, and flowers, etc. You may also collect seeds from local places like from the garden of friends and family because such seeds are more sustainable and workable.

  1. Recycle The Material

Make up your mind that you will not waste any single object. Use your creative powers for sustainability of gardens. It is the time to dissect your store room!

  • Use old sheets, blankets or the best option is tarpaulin for covering woods during shipping.
  • Use disposable and wasted pots to grow plants and seeds initially. Pests are disappointed in this way!
  • Do not waste scrap wood and rotten leaves and branches. It is best to make a fence of stump wood that is much durable.
  • Use handmade tools for gardening. For example, use any hook to make hand sickle to trim plants. Handmade tools help greatly to maintain a garden.

  1. Save Water

Water saving is essential for maintenance of plants in the garden. Make small pits or ditches near the plant area to provide passage of water directly to plants. Water works as power batteries for plants. Make sure the plants get enough to satiate their thirst!


A gardener’s role is analogous to that of the mother. First, you need to understand the nature of plants, then, go put efforts and interest in their growth. By simple tips and methods, you can come up with the most beautiful garden ever.
Smile along with plants you’ve nurtured in your sustainable garden!

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