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Hello gardening lovers! We grow plants with love, nurture them like little kids and what pride we hold in our lovely gardens. There are ornamental plants, cacti, flowering plants, etc. But, have you ever considered growing delicious and healthy organic food? Don’t say it’s not your thing because organic gardening is not rocket science. Just a little extra effort and you can bite on to health picked from your own garden!


Benefits of Organic Gardening

Lots of us try to increase consumption of organic food to decrease the pesticide intake in our own body as well as that in our family. Organic foods also protect our environment from the overload of toxic chemicals, which are extremely harmful. Yet, we know that organic food is tad expensive. Compared to the normal fruits and veggies we get, those grown organically are priced higher. Fortunate enough, there exists organic gardening. Our ultimate rescue to learning and growing organic food and consuming yummy as well as healthy, at lower costs!

Worried about how to begin? Although we can always hire a person to grow and take care of an organic garden, most of us have the ability to roll up our sleeves. Won’t take much of an effort! Things might not be perfect right away, but don’t panic. You can start small. Maybe just a plant or two!

Organic gardening refers to the fact that you won’t use any kind of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers for nurturing the plants. Yet, this does not mean that you leave the plants to themselves. A number of tools for boosting plant growth and keeping pests at bay may be used. Organic gardening does not really mean that you can’t use anything artificial while growing the plants. Rather, it refers to a holistic approach to gardening, so that we maintain the natural ecosystem.


Get Started With An Organic Garden

  1. Preparation of the soil - In order to get the best results, the soil must be properly conditioned. Healthy soil promotes healthy and strong plant growth. Chemical treatment of the soil besides seeping into plants also cause harm to bacteria and worms which are beneficial to the plants. So, it is better to get the soil tested. This can be done by a home kit or soil sample may be sent to an agriculture extension office. You get a detailed account of nutrients in the soil, pH, etc. The best time is before autumn, so that any required organic nutrients can be added before winters.
  2. Making a good compost - It’s free after all! Simply measure out some area and layer garden trimmings, fall, organic waste from the kitchen, etc. into it with thin layers of soil in between. Keep it moist and also turn frequently. Good compost must not stink and if it does, make turning more frequent and add dry organic material like leaves.
  3. Choosing the plants - Select plants that can grow easily in the climatic conditions of the area. Also, make sure the chosen plants will adjust well to moisture, available light and quality of the soil. After all, happy plants will be strongly pest resistant!
  4. Grouping - Growing plants in tightly packed beds, which you will not walk on, leaves lesser place for growth of weeds. Grouping also reduces the wastage of water and helps in localizing compost.
  5. Watering -The best time for watering your organic garden is in the mornings. These tend to be cooler and also, there are no strong winds so evaporation loss is reduced to a minimum.
  6. Pest protection - The best way to protect from pests is to allow natural predators into your organic garden. Soon enough, the lizards, flogs and birds will become your best friends.

Wish you a happy and healthy gardening!

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