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Aren’t you tired of all the roses, lilies and tulips in every garden you visit? It’s not that they’re ugly or don’t smell good - in fact, they are beautiful and they smell real pleasant - but every once in a while they seem too redundant.

If you are planning for a garden in your house, it will be a unique idea to grow something more ‘less seen’ along with the ‘usual suspects’.

While you are looking for an odd choice, let me facilitate you with one - cactus. You just need to reserve a definite space for these plants and you can have your own cactus garden. The best thing about cacti is that you don’t need to water them every day. Convenient! But still, it takes some doing to grow it. Now, let us show you how it can be done:


1) Planning - The First Step

Define a location in your garden or yard, which you want to reserve for the little cactus garden. The best location is hill, as it makes draining easier. But you can also go for flat cactus garden, it just needs more digging.

After reserving the location, decide which shape you want your cactus garden to be. You can choose from any shape; circle, rectangle, triangle, whatever you want!


2) Digging

Get ready for some labor, as digging will require some. It’s also fun, by the way. You need to level the ground where you want to grow cacti.  During the digging, remove all the grass and weed by getting a few inches deeper. The area doesn’t need to be perfectly leveled, just don’t leave any big bumps on the ground. Because the bumps will prevent the cacti from drainage, and this will decay the plant. So, do it right!

If you are going for flat gardening, not to worry! Just choose the spot and dig 6 to 12 inches of ground for your cactus garden.


3) Assembling The Material

For building a wall around your garden, you need to have tiles, bricks or stones; as you want. Your budget will also play a part in this decision!

Also, you need a plastic strip for bordering the garden. Any type of plastic will be fine.

Another element you’ll need is the cactus soil. It may be hard to determine the required amount of cactus soil before garden construction. So, wait for the construction of the garden before getting the cactus soil.


4) Constructing The Garden For Cacti

Now, use the plastic strips you acquired to cover the boundary of your garden with it, by covering the edge of the grass. This will limit the weeds from getting into the garden bed.

After that, stack tiles as high as you want, at the edge of the garden. But usually 12 inches is a lot. Now, fill your garden with the cactus soil.


5) Planting Cacti

Here comes the part where you will choose the cactus you want. Get information from the shop or nursery you wanna go - and buy. Voila!

While planting, you can go crazy and give it any design of your choosing.


6) Maintenance of The Garden

Cacti don’t really need much maintenance, it’s a build-and-forget type of garden. No need to water them, as the occasional rain is a lot for cacti. It’s also a lot of fun, so give it a try!

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