Gardening Innovations – 7 gardening tips when you are low on space!

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These days the glossy cover pages of esteemed magazines exhibit nail art and makeup DIY’s as the next level innovation, yet a lot in store exists for the plant lovers. Plant nurturing is a solace for plant lovers, be it as simple as herb gardens, kitchen or DIY gutter gardens. Passion for gardening is music to the soul. Surely, some unique ideas to overcome space issues will be a cherry on the pie. You can’t agree more!

Amaze all with these gardening tips that can add a dash of greenery around!


1)    Single Pot Vegetable Garden

An urban advancement to satiate your passion and hunger for gardening as well as fulfillment of minimal kitchen requirements! All you need to do is pack a single pot with all herbs and veggies you can grab hold of (as well as manage to fit in it!). Add amazing quality soil and manure. Freshly plucked sunset planted tomatoes, basil, jalapenos and chives won’t let you down when in need of great pasta sauce! The colours will fill your heart with happiness and pride. 



2)    Vertical Gardening

Bring some salvaged stuff from your store room for great use. It is a great idea to make use of recyclable materials like plastic bottles, to add to the aesthetic essence of your place. Plastic does not always harm the environment! Cut cavities in the bottles and fill with soil. Water it when necessary. These bottles with plantings may be stacked in a CD rack and secured with cable ties. Finally, what you get is your own personal (and lovely) vertical garden! 



3)    Square Foot Gardening

Thinking about fitting an entire garden in a small yard? An amazing solution to growing plants in a limited space is the square foot gardening. This pretty, little garden consists of a square foot area divided into 3X3 or 4X4 squares. Fill the boxes with good quality soil and periodically add manure for plant nourishment. Also, you must take care to provide optimal spacing between your green friends. 



4)    Gutter Gardens

Here’s to accomplishing a lot in one go! Hide an ugly wall; grow plants and take care of kitchen needs (nothing’s better than fresh herbs!). You ought to try these, simply because they are utterly brilliant! Bugs and poor sunlight won’t bother you folks anymore. Grow rows of ornamental veggies and greens and achieve the ‘living wall’ from fairy tales! 



5)   Tyres and Colours!

Recycle your backyard! Paint the bulky tyres in vibrant hues and add to the charm with colourful flowers. Stack these in a pattern for a charming appeal. An amazing skill test for your gardening skills, these flower tyres will definitely become your most valued asset, soon! 



6)    Planter Bags

Gardening won’t be the same without planter bags. Easy transportation and no placement issues (you may hang or place them on the ground). A live wall surely looks stunning! The magical aura of greenery can be conveniently added to your homes with these bags. Wooly pocket planter bags keep walls dry and are also breathable. No mess is always a bonus! 



7)    Sky Planters for a Greener Ceiling!

Save the best for the last! This upside down hanging garden will make people ogle and you will get terrific appreciation for your sky garden. These can virtually be grown anywhere and never spoil the aesthetic appeal, rather add to it. Amplify the elegance and grace without sacrificing on usable space. Talk about innovation! 


Go greener and feel proud of your gardening skills!

Happy planting!

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