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Spring Lawn

Spring is here, so that means you will have to start maintenance of the exterior part of your property. And this includes the lawn as well. Perhaps you would like to have a nice space for children to play, enjoy an excellent barbeque, or just to make your neighbors jealous, but no matter what your reason is, the lawn must be cared. The best time to do this is March, and you can extend your maintenance work to April or the beginning of May. But by then you would like your lawn to start looking better already, so don’t postpone this action too much.


New turf growth

Now that winter is gone, you can see what areas of the lawn are affected. In areas where the land appears rather bear, and you see no traces of grass, you might need to plant some seeds. Don’t worry if the new turf grows unequal, because you will even it out with the lawnmower after it reaches the proper size. But make sure any moss or weeds have been removed before placing the seeds.

Increase fertilizer uptake

In order for your turf to grow nicely, you need to feed it. Spring is the best season to start applying fertilizers specially developed for this purpose. It will help the grass grow great and inhibit weeds. Use it as the producer specifies it but apply it when the soil is moist or when it looks like rain will fall. Thus, it will be better absorbed, and grass will not get burned.

Insect resistance

Where there is green grass, there will be bugs as well. Grass provides food and shelter for a good number of critters. But the ones that eat it will also make it look bad. Grubs will eat the roots under the ground, withering the turf. Other insects will feed on the grass itself. So you’d better want to use an insecticide if you see too many of them in your turf. Use an organic substance or prepare one at home. You need a tablespoon of liquid soap, one of vegetable oil and 1 cup of water, which is about 237 ml. Mix them all well and spray the content on the affected area.

Thatch what is broken up

You can find patches of already grown green turf. So buy how much to need to cover the broken areas. It is a good method if your turf gets damaged later on, as it is a quick way to make the lawn look better again.

Water savings

It would be nice for the rain to fall whenever we need to water our lawn, but that it is impossible. So, there is still a couple of ways to reduce water consumption. First, never cut the grass too short. 3 to 3 ½ inches height is enough for the grass. Too short grass will lead to water evaporation out of the soil. Also, wet the turf early in the morning, before it is too hot outside. The soil will have more time to absorb the water adequately. Water just when needed, about once a week, if not rain falls.

Weed resistance

Killing the weeks is one of the most important part of  spring lawn care. You need to solve the matter of weeds, because it is unaesthetic, and it drains the water out of your soil. You can either do it by hand, if the problem is not too thick. Or use herbicides. Some fertilizers will have adequate protection against weeds as well.

Drought protection

Again, don’t cut the lawn too short. Keep it as high as possible, to encourage the growth of deep roots. Also, in hot periods, stay off the grass. Avoid putting any unnecessary stress on it. When you want to start maintenance, go for turf seeds with higher resistance to drought, as they have lower watering necessities.

Free top Dressing

Top dressing the lawn is essential for refresh the properties of the soil and make the seeds grow faster and better. You can prepare the top dressing material on your own, without buying it. The basic mixture is made out of three parts of sand, three of loam and one of peat. But you should know which type of soil you have on the lawn, to adjust the mix appropriately. If the soil has too much clay, reduce the loam and increase the sand, for a balanced situation.

Compaction is relieved

You need to reduce compaction on your lawn. Otherwise, the grass won’t receive enough oxygen, nutrients and water to grow. You will need to aerate the lawn using an aerifier, purchased or borrowed, to make whole that will restore the aeration of the soil. Aeration will need to be done according to the traffic that is supported by the lawn. A lawn with high traffic will have to suffer this process more often.

Increase your property value

Whether you just want to make it look fantastic or sell it, your property will be more valuable if it has a presentable lawn, either in the front or the back of the house. If you like to sell it, people love to see green grass, which is nicely taken care of, at the house they might purchase. So taking care of the lawn is the best thing you can do.

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