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Container gardening is great for beginning gardeners. It is a relative inexpensive hobby, and you can watch your creations grow. A huge plus to container gardens, your back will thank you since you are not bending over so much to weed and harvest.

Move your garden around to different areas to give them more sunlight or add ambiance to a patio. You might need to bring your plants indoors during cool months, and that creates its own decorating aplomb. Think about containers. Availability of planters is never-ending and just lend themselves for an artistic masterpiece. Think of those pets who roam through your yard, they won’t trample through your container garden. Container gardens are not so weedy; they aren’t getting the spores and weeds that occur naturally in the ground, and weeds tend to stay in the ground rather than jump up into the container.

It is so fun to design a container garden. Think outside your normal ceramic or terracotta pot. Drive around your city and see what others are using for container plants. A very artsy neighbor down the street uses a row boat each year for her plantings. She just turns it on its side and plants pumpkins, petunias, zinnias, tomatoes and flowers of every hue and size. It's gorgeous, original and eclectic plus she gets her picture in the gardening news of the local newspaper every year.

Note that light colored containers are less likely to absorb heat. Light containers will keep roots cool during warm months. Put heavy or oversized pots on a platform with wheels. Wheels will make it easier to move the container to different spots in your yard.

When planting in containers, match the size of the plant to the container. A small pot will hinder the growth of full sized tomato plus it will look silly. Make sure the container can contain the weight of the plant when heavy laden with warm, ripe fruits. You may not want to plant garlic in an oversized pot. Garlic will grow much better in a shallow container. A friend with a small condo space planted peas in one container, cucumbers in another, and tomatoes in another. The pots were placed against the fence, and she trellised them. The affect was very cute.

Mix and match plants of different sizes and types. Try a tall plant in a large container or a vine that tumbles over the side of a lower container. You can plant vegetable and flowers together in a pot or use different styles and colors of pots grouped together to compliment your flowers and vegetables. A very nice arrangement down the street was a grouping of cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, and purple petunias. Pink Begonias and leafy coleus set off the arrangement.

Anything in your home or at a garage sale that can hold dirt is perfect for a planting container. Just get creative. Whatever you do to your container garden let it reflect your personality. Add collectibles to your containers, use an old chest of drawers and plant in the drawers, mix in inexpensive figurines to set off your plants in a container. The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

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